Horizontal Falls

The Horizontal Falls are located deep within the pristine environment of Talbot Bay in the Buccaneer Archipelago. Considered one of the greatest natural wonders of the world, this isolated phenomenon can only be observed by air or by sea in the remote and untouched Kimberley region of Western Australia.
Horizontal Falls Broome, Kimberley Wedding adventure
Consisting of a pair of gorges in the McLarty Range that run parallel to each other, they stand approximately 300 metres apart. The first and most seaward gap is around 20 metres wide, and the second gap is just 10 metres wide. When the tide sweeps into them, the water builds up in front of the gaps faster than it can flow through, in turn creating a waterfall effect. At times, the variation in the tides can be up to 10 metres, making it one of the largest tidal changes in the world. However unlike waterfalls you’re typically used to seeing, this one runs horizontally, giving the illusion that water is spilling across the bay’s surface.

Experience the Horizontal Falls up close and personal with a heart pumping fast boat ride and a breathtaking seaplane flight from high up above. Include an optional scenic helicopter ride over top, and we guarantee that the experience will stay with you for a lifetime. The team at Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures will help you tick this item off your bucket list in the most exciting way possible. We can’t wait to introduce you to the Horizontal Falls!

Horizontal Falls Broome, Kimberley Wedding adventure

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